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Many people turn to external financial world in their emergency situations. Need urgent cash to get rid of the financial mess? We at Loans Mate can help you. You may not get to borrow a loan directly from us, but with us you can avail complete assistance required to find the loan deals that exactly meets your requirement. We assure to arrange you complete assistance required to find the right loan deal. We offer an easy comparison facility that is easy to understand and free of charges. Using the internet to apply with Loans Mate helps you to avoid long lines and traditional lending formalities.

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Instant Decision, Any Purpose Loans, No Hidden Charges- Repayment early with no penalties, interest is calculated daily.

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To apply for you must

  • UK resident, least 18 years of age
  • Employed (part time or full-time) with a net income of at least £600 per month
  • Valid debit card, working mobile phone, Email address

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Unlike credit cards or overdrafts which involve lengthy verification and pile of documentations, Loans Mate gets approved instantly without faxing any documents. Just spend 30 minutes in filling the online application form available on this website (click the Start Now button above). You will receive a quick lending decision via phone call, SMS or email, if your application approved.